Windows 10 arm Download Mac m1 (Working) + without Parallels

You can install Windows on your Mac without Parallels using Parallels, Boot Camp, acvm. a user ask – I need to download an ISO or VHDX file of Windows 10 Pro for ARM architecture for college. I use a mac with the M1 processor but the download pages for Microsoft windows only offer windows 11 arm and not windows 10 arm. I previously used Windows 10 Pro and have a digital license, but need the edition for arm architecture to run in my virtual machine software.

Solution 1

Thanks! I’ve already reached it.
I used this site to download the windows 10 ARM version, I had tryed some versions and the 21390 worked for me.
I also choose the option to download the iso in one click, so I didn’t have to convert any type of file.

Also, I put a flag in the secure boot to unable it.

VM configuration > boot order > advanced >

In advanced option, it is possible to inform the start indicators. To unable the secure boot. Put the flag:

vm.efi.secureboot = 0

It works like a charm to me.

Sorry, I forgot to say one thing. I did the download into another PC in a windows 10 x64. On mac, using the site that I`ve sent and another sites, it always broken up.
Try to download like this image bellow, this works to me:

win 10 arm mac m1 chip
win 10 arm mac m1 chip

After downloaded the ISO I`ve put it on MAC and install, then I had another problem related to the secure boot and I correct by using the flag that I’ve putted in the main topic.

The problem that I have is, I downloaded Win 10 Insider preview 10.0.21382.1000 (co_release) [arm64]. I could installed in my macbook pro M1 using parallels, but it said that the build is expired. Install a new build of windows now.
The 21390 build is hasn’t Internet Explorer 11 (was removed). I need it to run a banking site. I dont know what to do.


Thank you so much, you have saved my engineering university life with mac. At first, i follow your step but i got the message “The operation failed. – To perform this operation, you must enter the host OS administrator’s credentials ” and “There is no operating system installed in this virtual machine” error message which frustratesd me a lot, However, i reinstall and lets Parallel detect the ISO file by itself rather manually drag and drop method. I also check the device manager and see that the secure boot has been disabled And everything works fine now.


I know you said the 21390 build works, but as listed below that one is expired. Has anyone found a stable build (Not Windows Insider) for an Arm64 windows 10 iso that works for Paralells (doesn’t BSOD on install)? If so comment the build number and I can go to UUP dump and grab it.

Solution 2

here’s what I did so far:

1. Download the files from (in Zip format)
2. Unzip
3. download files from Microsoft Servers (execute (If you’re on Linux/Windows execute … / …
4. Convert to ISO File (execute
5. Open Parallels Desktop and select the ISO file
6. Parallels Desktop can’t continue because of Secure Boot Issue

If anyone knows how to continue after step 6 please let me know.

Regarding Security, uupdump allegedly fetches the Files directly from Microsofts Servers.

Solution 2

I feel you or severely over complicating this. I simply downloaded the Windows10_InsiderPreview_Client_ARM64_en-us_21354.vhdx then installed Parallels for M1. Ran Parallels and pointed it to the .vhdx file.

run Windows on Mac M1 without Parallels

Install Windows on Mac M1 without Parallels: ubenmackin’s method GitHub Page:


how do i download the ACVM file ??

Hi on the GitHub page in the description, click on the green button “Code”, and select “Download Zip”.

How to download windows 10 vhdx?

when it keeps make you download windows 11 vhdx and it can’t let you connect to network, please follow this article.

You can run windows 10 in virtual machine. It’s arm64 version so not all windows apps are able to run.

Can windows 10 run in macbook pro with M1 chip?

You can run windows 10 in virtual machine. It’s arm64 version so not all windows apps are able to run.

Is this frre?

Yes it’s free.

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