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Love After Marriage tamil novels pdf download

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Love After Marriage tamil novels pdf download

Love After Marriage is a novel written by S.V. Subramanian about the life of two couples after marriage. The book explores the different aspects of married life and how it can be both blissful and challenging at the same time. It is a story about relationships, love, trust, and sacrifice.

The first couple in the book are Saravanan and Revathi who have been married for five years. Saravanan is an engineer working in a software company while Revathi is a housewife who takes care of their home and children. They seem to have a perfect life on the surface but there are cracks in their relationship that are beginning to show. Saravanan has become distant from his wife and doesn’t share his feelings with her anymore. He has started to work longer hours at work and comes home late most nights, which leaves Revathi feeling lonely and neglected .

The second couple in the book are Rajeshwaranandam (Raj)and Vasanthi who have been married for ten years . Raj works as an accountant in a bank while Vasanthi is a homemaker . They also seem to have the perfect marriage with no major problems but they too are hiding some secrets from each other . Raj has been having an affair with his colleague Shoba for the past six months but he hasn’t told Vasanthi about it yet .

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